12cm begins smart stamp service at Japan’s FamilyMart

12cm begins smart stamp service at Japan’s FamilyMart

On March 30, the O2O (Online to Offline) service company 12cm (CEO: Jeong Gyoun Han) announced that it recently began offering its smart stamp service at FamilyMart, the well-established Japanese convenience store franchise chain. 12cm’s smart stamp service uses a stamp-type system designed exclusively for use with smartphone touchscreens to connect mobile coupons, tokens, and gift cards with offline stores and conduct promotional events.

The service currently being offered “stamps” a coupon into the smartphones of consumers who purchase promotional items through the Japanese FamilyMart mobile application in addition to reward coupons. It is being used as a marketing strategy to increase the loyalty of consumers to offline stores and is regarded as a successful case of an O2O service launched overseas by a Korean startup.

12cm’s key assets are its cloud platform and touchscreen recognition technology. The smart stamp is easy to operate, has a simple interface, and does not require a separate battery, as the stamp recognition process is completed through the smartphone’s capacitive touch screen.

Another major advantage of the smart stamp system is its potential for expansion into a wide range of business areas. The company has already launched O2O and Fintech projects with several companies, including SK, KT, and Ticket Monster (TMON) and expanded its O2O business to include a Jeju World Natural Heritage Tour service, conducted in collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization, and a customer management service for hair salons that features promotional events linked to specific hair designers. 12cm’s smart stamp system has already attracted a total of KRW 7.2 billion in investments from several financial institutions, all of which believe in the technology’s high growth potential.

Ever since its establishment in 2013, 12cm has focused on expanding its presence in both the domestic and foreign markets. In 2015, it founded a subsidiary in Japan with JPY 100 million in capital as well as a joint corporation with several prominent Taiwanese companies. Japan and Taiwan are both known for the widespread use of stamps in their cultures, making them highly lucrative markets. Director Seong-won Shin of 12cm said, “The support provided by the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation for overseas business activities also played a significant role in the success of our smart stamp product.”

Source : http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20160404000848

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