KOTITI Testing and Research Institute

KOTITI Testing and Research Institute

KOTITI was established in 1961 and from that point, it has headed the development of industry related to domestic textile in Korea for a half of century.  Presently it has augmented its scope of experiments, from not only textile items but also to industrial materials and environmental health and it has been executing analysis and inspection, quality tests, R&d programs and so on.

KOTITI has been approaching clients with its noticeable administrations; particularly focusing chiefly on R&d programs, they have created high esteem included engineering and gave technical information through expert skills education and publication editing so forth. Also, in the reality where concerns about natural environment and human body are expanding enormously,  KOTITI has protected in its efforts to strengthen its capability to analyze the hazardous related substances and environment and to create a quality life environment, to preserve their safety of the client and also their future environment.

KOTITI will do its utmost in creating qualities expected by clients and performing the part as client’s business partner. It will be resuscitated as the New and True KOTITI for their clients.

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