An Introduction To Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals mean in simple terms products that are obtained from pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs that are used to treat various diseases in both, humans as well as animals. These are basically classified as drugs that are given with prescription of a medical practitioner and over-the-counter drugs.

Pharmaceutical products help in improving health of people by treating their particular diseases. An extensive research process is followed before these drugs are let out into the market. Clinical testing is conducted before these drugs are used for humans. They are first tried on animals to test their safety and affectivity. Later these drugs reach patients through the prescriptions of physicians.

FDA or Food and Drug Administration is the authority that decides whether the drug is fit for administering to humans or not. Pharmaceuticals are continuously under the scrutiny of the FDA. Any complaints after or during the use of the drugs are reported to the FDA and they have the authority to revoke license to sale of those drugs. They analyze the whole process of testing and packaging before issuing license for sale.
Pharmaceutical companies advertise over-the-counter drugs through websites and other advertising campaigns. Websites contain detailed information regarding the constituents of the drug, its uses, probable side effects and prices. Classification of the drug is made on the basis of the disease and convenience of the doctors to prescribe it to their patients. The FDA, after undergoing an intensive research, also approves pharmaceutical drugs such as those used for helping people to stop smoking. Insurance companies usually pass claims for use of medicines that are approved by FDA.

Animal health care is also an integral part of some pharmaceutical companies. Medicines are manufactured on the basis of results of extensive research and keeping in mind diseases and symptoms of animals. Veterinary doctors prescribe these medicines for pets and other domestic animals. The safety of these drugs is also checked and clinically tested before it is launched into the open market.

Pharmaceuticals have become a significant part of health care due to their humongous contribution towards betterment of public health. It has helped to increase life span by treating diseases that had been otherwise incurable.

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