An Overview About Pharmaceutical Packaging


Generally speaking, packaging could be defined as science or technology, which gives a safer delivery of a wider range of products throughout its journey from the manufacturing unit to the end users. And talking about the Pharmaceutical packaging, it deals with packing the medicines and other pharmaceutical products. These products are supposed to be packed with all due care for obvious reasons, which keep them free from issues like contamination and blocks the microbial growth along with keeping these products safe and secure. Packaging can be called as an important tool in medicine industry for elements like product delivery and regulatory compliance. All the reputed pharmaceutical companies always rely on high quality packaging solutions so that their products reach with greater safety and protection to the end users.

The functions of packaging: If you look at the functions of pharmaceutical or medical device packaging then there three P’s, which have important role in it. The first P stands for protection; the second one indicates Preservation while the last function is Presentation. These all three P’s stand together and is commonly called as the 3P concept. Of late, one more P has been included as the function element in pharmaceutical packaging, which stands for promotion of the product.

The Role of Packaging in Pharmaceutical domain: Packaging plays an important role while packing different medicines, Barrier Bottles and other pharmaceutical products. Using the optimum packaging solutions can really help in taking care of the Pharmaceutical Preparations, which extends from its shelf life and beyond. The selection of the packaging material is very much important as it can affect the lives of people using the same. This kind of packaging does require special features including child resistant or senior citizen resistant features. The pharmaceutical packaging is among the critical issues, since it has to meet all the requirements of the country where the products are being exported.

The importance of Pharmaceutical packaging: Packaging has great importance when it comes to medicines and pharmaceutical products. After all it’s a matter of life and death since an improper packaging could lead to certain unknown risks for the patients consuming it. The packaging has to be as per the legal compliance as set by the law of land. The Pharmaceutical products packed should have proper protection up to the shelf life. It should be able to give better customer convenience, effective patient protection and competent route of administration.
When it comes to choosing the material for pharmaceutical packaging, there are certain basic requirements, which have to be checked. These include protection, compatibility, regulatory and it has to be in line with the innovator. Hence as per these basic requirements the common pharmaceutical packaging methods often rely over foil and heat sealing option, polyethylene and polypropylene printing; flat bed die cutting and polyester and olefin package printing. The number of pharmaceutical packaging types, which have become very much common often include pre-fillable syringes and refillable inhalers; blister packs and plastic bottles, which are also being employed more widespread as you could see the pharmaceutical industry is now being are moving away from the glass containers.

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