Audi Korea enters used car business

Audi Korea enters used car business

German luxury carmaker Audi launched the service brand for its used car business, called “Audi Approved Premium Used Car Program,” on Monday, adding more competition in the market for preowned premium foreign cars.

“Audi Korea has already run three showrooms displaying certified Audi cars in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province and offering consultation to customers,” the company said in a press release.

Among the top three German premium carmakers, Audi Korea is a latecomer in the market. Its rival BMW started the same business back in 2005, followed by Mercedes-Benz which launched the used car business under the name of “StarClass’’ in 2011.

Besides the German brands, Lexus launched the “Lexus Certified” service for its used car business last week for the first time among Japanese brands. 

To win the trust of customers for the products, Audi’s technicians will implement strict checkups on 101 types of vehicle performance for certification. The company added its secondhand car service will be on par with that for new cars. 

Another key benefit allows customers to use Audi Financial Services to buy a preowned Audi car.

“Audi’s new business will offer a good opportunity to pass down the unique and timeless value of the company to customers who purchase a secondhand car,” Audi Korea managing director Johannes Thammer said. 

“Our financial services will also help customers come a step closer to purchasing used vehicles and allow them the premium service that equals purchasing a brand new car.”


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