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Cooker, microwave, oven, fridges€¦ Since few years, buying domestic appliances online has become a modern model of consumption widely used by people. Thus, domestic appliance online market is still increasing so that prices are more and more competitive. In fact, the main reason why people buy domestic appliance online is because of the price so that it is the first industry in term of e-commerce turnover. That is the reason why players on this market have to differentiate their offer or to be clear for the end user to attract more customers.
Most of all, on Internet, a good website is essential since it conveys the image of the company.
So the question is: What is determinant for a consumer when he wants to buy domestic appliance online?
Firstly, a good referencing on the major search engines is essential in order to be more famous for the end user and as a consequence, have a higher visibility so that more and more internet user will visit your website. By the way, a good choice of keywords is really important to target end users that you want, and to know what people are looking for.
Secondly, having a clear and user friendly website is a triggering factor in the buying act. Indeed, Internet user looks for a website easy to use and fast. Consumers must be guided along their navigation on your website. That’s why it is really essential to have a straight homepage with the main categories you wish to highlight. You can also include a chat area for customers who whish to leave messages.
Thirdly, gaining the confidence of the end user it’s a quality factor for your public image, they have to feel that they are on a secure site in order to be confident at the moment of paying and your website has to be transparent in term of after sales services, guarantees, deliveries€¦ In addition, appearing in Blogs and other social Medias enable to increase the confidence of Internet users but also your visibility as you will be referenced as quality websites listed for domestic appliances servicing,

The Ezee-Fix website director has understood the importance of having a good website. Indeed, they have spent a lot of time to refresh their website in order to increase sales on line and to attract new customers.
The more your website is attractive, the more customers will buy your products.

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