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  • Kuho releases new formal suit line

    Kuho releases new formal suit line

    Kuho, a leading fashion brand of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, has released a new formal suit line for career women pursuing practical but unique office wear. Named “Edit Line” it targets young office workers who want to experiment with new but comfortable suit wear, away from the tradition office look presented by long jackets in […]

  • Dior creates millionaire skateboarders‘ perfect wardrobe

    Dior creates millionaire skateboarders‘ perfect wardrobe

    PARIS (AFP) – When Kris Van Assche was designing the new Dior menswear collection, he had a very specific person in mind, he told AFP Saturday as it debuted on the Paris catwalk. “It‘s a young Parisian who creates a skate park in the 800-square-meter apartment he lives in a (historic) Haussmannian building,” the Belgian […]

  • South Korean textile & clothing imports cross $14bn

    The imports of textiles and clothing by South Korea crossed the US$ 14 billion mark last year, narrowing the industry’s surplus further. In 2014, South Korea’s textile and clothing exports grew by 8.4 per cent year-on-year to $14.66 billion, which is an all-time high, yonhap news agency said citing data from the Korea International Trade […]

  • Buying Wholesale Leather Products

    If you are wondering about why leather products are so popular all over then let me tell you couple of things first. There are plenty of benefits these leather products give you and hence it’s no wonder to see peoples’ love for them. Leather products are not only very tough in nature but the world […]

  • Home Textile Products

    Home Textiles What are the three necessities of life..Home, Food and clothing. The most important is home. People often say ‘home is where the heart is’. Well, they say it for a reason. The urban life has become very congested. Everyone are moving at a fast pace. A person goes for work, spends the whole […]

  • Textiles and Leather Products

    After the crushing recession in 2008, there has been one word on the lips of all players in the market, whether buyers or sellers. Everybody has been careful, as investors, customers or service providers. The recession has brought us to terms with the potential volatility of any market. Amongst the various industries that were affected, […]

  • Home Furnishings and Home Textiles: A Brief Overview

    In the context of Indian economy viz-a-viz industrial production, over one fifth is accounted for the textile industry segment. From the GDP point of view, it holds special relevance as it provides employment to over 15 million people. Home furnishing items are an integral part of Indian textile industry. Indian made home furnishing items have […]

  • Textiles Manufacturers – Textile Makers Aim to Weave Surat Brand Global

    It is a brand that has been inadvertently built. And one that has stuck and endured over the years. Now synonymous with synthetic textiles in India, the home-grown Surat brand is trying to weave for itself a global canvas. Taking a cue from the marketing strategy of Italian textile machine manufacturers who have come together […]

  • An Overview About Pharmaceutical Packaging

      Generally speaking, packaging could be defined as science or technology, which gives a safer delivery of a wider range of products throughout its journey from the manufacturing unit to the end users. And talking about the Pharmaceutical packaging, it deals with packing the medicines and other pharmaceutical products. These products are supposed to be […]