Characteristics Of Electronic Components


Electronic components – the mere word send out a spark of current from the head to the toe of the body. They are such innovative and user friendly that even a small kid will enjoy using it. There is no real age limit for using an electronic component but there are also some safety measures which ought to be followed while using such a component. Technically speaking a simple electronic component can be defined as a structure which has two or more connecting leads in the presence of metallic pads. The presence of components alone does not make the system.

The connections of these components which can be done by soldering or by using the famous printed circuit boards form the whole system. The electronic components are generally found to be very stabilized in nature that is they have very high insulation properties. These components can primarily be divided into two types. They are the Active electronic components and the Passive Electronic Components. These components are further classified under many categories and which when used in a sequential manner forms an electrical connection.

There are certain main devices which make up the electrical connection. They are the Terminals and the Connectors. They can further be sub divided into chords – these are simple cables with terminals at both of its ends, Switches – equipments which are primarily used for the opening and closing of an electrical circuit, Resistors – these are the components which are greatly used in any circuits and they have the capacity to resist the flow of the current, Capacitors – these are devices which are used to store charge and release them whenever they are required.
There are other devices also like the inductors, piezo electric crystals, resonators, protective devices like the circuit breaker, spark gap etc. There is the never ending list of components which can be made use of in the formation of the electronic components system. There are also the components which have no moving parts in them. Such components are called as the Solid State components or the semi conductors. They have huge amount of application in this modern world of electronics, Diodes – which are used to send current in a single particular direction, transistors, inductor circuits etc.

These components are of much use and provide great flexibility while the designing of the component. The modern day equipments which are electronic such as the laptops make great use of the above mentioned components. There is a continuous research going in the field of the electronic components and day by day several new components are being invented and made use of. Hence we can always say that this field is an ever developing field with never ending scope for improvement. This is in detail about the Electronic Components.

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