Choosing Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Although there are a number of key players in the industrial cleaning equipment sector in South Africa, many offering similar products, prospective clients should rather scrutinise the after-sales and technical services provided before selecting industrial cleaning equipment.

Those not familiar with the burgeoning and all-important industrial cleaning and sanitation sector may be surprised to hear that there is ongoing research and development within the industry and prospective clients will want to tap into this expertise.

R&D and after-sales service are key elements

There is little point investing in the relative minnows of the cleaning equipment industry, even if they appear a lot cheaper at the offset, as they will not have the financial or technical clout to advise the customer on new, updated and innovative technology.

Dirt, bacteria in particular, has the uncanny knack of being able to evolve into strains that are not inhibited or killed by regular chemical cleaning. The pathogens have the ability to mutate into virtually indestructible models, which, if left to their own devices, can and will damage the health and well being of the people or animals that live or work in that environment.

It is therefore crucial to identify a company that is not only proficient in its day to day business dealings but also has the technical and financial expertise to conduct ongoing research and development.

Another element that should be factored in before selecting industrial cleaning equipment is the after-sales service offered by the company. Too often one purchases products or services from a business in good faith, but when things go wrong or advice is urgently required they are either unwilling, unavailable or unable to provide the necessary back-up.

Opt for customer care

Make sure your chosen cleaning equipment business is approachable and offers some sort of customer care, whether a call line or a dedicated help portal on their website. A leading cleaning equipment business in South Africa has, for instance, invested in a custom written software CRM program which accurately tracks all job cards with critical information like turnaround times and annual running costs per client per unit of equipment. This information will enable the client to manage their maintenance budget effectively as well as to identify faulty machines on sites based on the number of call-outs or the value of maintenance costs.

At the end of the day, it’s not only the efficacy of the high pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and other products that should motivate you; it should be the personal touch as well.

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