Crepe Paper for Crafts

Crepe paper for crafts – there are several items you can make from crepe paper in addition to flowers. There are items for home decor, party supplies, holiday decorations and many more.

In this article we will take a closer look at the use of crepe paper for crafts. We will look at home decor, parties and holiday items made from crepe paper. Hopefully these few ideas I’m going to provide will allow you to create some ideas of your own as well.

Home Decor – Your doilies and placemats can be made with crepe paper. You will need a stiff piece of paper such as cardstock or cardboard. Cardboard will last longer and will provide a sturdier foundation for your doilies and placemats. You can cut the cardboard to any desired shape or size. Attach the crepe paper with clear drying glue. To add a special touch of elegance to your doilies and placemats use a craft hole puncher that has different shapes such as; hearts, butterflies, ladybugs, flowers or any other shape you like. For the holidays they make special punchers with holiday themes. You can also attach a piece of lace or a bow if you would like to the outsides. If you’re going to use the placements for dinner cut a piece of thin vinyl and glue it to the back so the warm dishes do not burn a whole through your pretty placemats. Then simply wipe the vinyl covering with lukewarm water to clean.

Parties – Pinatas are a popular idea for children at parties. They can be quite costly. However making your own can be a fun way to spend quality time with the kids. If the Pinata is for your child on their birthday let them help make it and choose the color crepe paper they want to cover it with. Many people use balloons when making their own Pinata. A better idea is to use a jumbo size punching balloon or a paper machete style holder for the Pinata that way you can shape it into anything you would like. Just don’t forget to add the candy or little toys!
Holidays – You can make several holiday craft items using crepe paper. How about a 4th of July flag? Grab a large flat piece of cardboard, some red, white and blue crepe paper and some clear drying glue, it’s that simple! Or maybe you would like an angel to place on your porch for Christmas. You can either buy a life size cut out of an angel or make your own using the cardboard method. You can also make Christmas balls, wreaths and a snowman!

Let’s not forget the other holidays for Halloween you can make ghosts, tombstones and pumpkins! Thanksgiving – a couple of big turkeys will certainly focus the passer bys attention on your front porch! Valentines Day calls for big hearts and New Years could be a large crepe paper “Happy New Year” sign.
The ideas for crepe paper for crafts are really endless. You can make the same type of craft decorations for inside your home for parties and gatherings. Crepe paper and cardboard are both inexpensive items and make awesome decorations of all kinds!
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