Different Types of Security Equipment


Security was not an easy thing some years back when people are just worrying about their properties, children and anything precious but the modern innovations in technology made it so popular among public through different security equipment that can sense your needs. Some basic security equipment can be CCTV cameras and DVRs but if we go for more so here is the long list we will have securing our houses, banks, industries and sacred places from security threats like terrorist attacks and robberies. Here’s the list of some common types of security equipment that we daily use for different purposes of security so be a part of this read!
HESCO Barrier
HESCO Barrier is useful security equipment of this age where large buildings have many security threats like suicide bombing or any other terrorist attacks. HESCO Barrier was firstly invented by Jimi Heselden in 1989 as a geotextile bag installed under wire mesh box that contained sand. It can be seen mostly in government buildings for securing from VIBED or car bombs.
Metal Detector
Metal Detector was firstly invented by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove but later it was converted as complete security device by Graham Bell who used it for tracking the bullet shells. Now, Metal Detectors are considered as main security elements for most of the public locations like banks, airports and government offices in those countries where suicide bombing is on peak and usually handheld metal detectors are used for easiness with perfection!
Safety Barrier
Safety Barriers are mostly used for industrial purposes and somewhere side-by-side in bank’s queue where any misshapen can cause big security threat. It is some sort of door which is made of metals and shapes like a metal grill wall can be used as handheld or fixed as necessary. Safety Barriers are mainly seen as road construction cautions, ticket queue or industrial trespassing cautions.
Security Fence
Security Fences are basically metal wire mesh walls usually installed on the top of concrete walls to secure the whole property like building from robbery or terrorist attack because the extra sharp edges of these fences keep the threats away. Not only commercial, industrial or household use but these security fences can also be seen as the main borders of countries where they protect the entire countries from neighbor forces attacks.

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