Electric Vehicle Maker BYD to Sell E-Cars in South Korea

BYD e-buses are seen as environmental-friendly solutions to pollution issues in the transport industry. (credit : en.wikipedia.org)

Rising Chinese electronic vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD is planning to enter the South Korean market before the end of this year, a senior company executive recently announced.

In an international EV expo in Jeju, a popular South Korean tourist attraction, BYD has brought its BYD e6 electric taxi and SUV.

BYD’s general manager for the Asia Pacific region, Liu Xueliang, has high hopes that the country is an ideal area for developing and enhancing the EV technology. Liu led the company’s team at the show.

He cited South Korea’s favorable policies, strong public environmental protection awareness, and well-versed knowledge on the automotive industry as factors why they are eyeing the country’s market.

“It is not only a good chance for BYD to know more about the South Korean market, but also a great opportunity for South Korean customers, media and the government to know more about the development of EVs in China,” Liu remarked.
Liu further revealed that it will be introducing e-buses first in South Korea. He explained that “public transportation tools consume more energy than private cars, but electric bus will help reduce most of the harmful exhaust emissions.”
The general manager also added that BYD is considering selling its e6 electric taxi. The e-taxi has been on the Shenzhen streets for five years now.

“Now we are already here in South Korea. We will take solid steps to develop the South Korean market,” he said, citing that the firm is already communicating with local partners.

The international show, which will run until Sunday, was participated in by the world’s leading automakers such as General Motors and BMW. BYD was the only EV producer from China.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, BYD has also ventured in the Japanese market, a first for a full-time, China-based motor vehicle firm. The EV maker supplied five units of K9 e-buses to a Japanese bus company.

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