Fried chicken, Korean-style

Fried chicken, Korean-style

SIBU: Korean food is a hit here not only because of the K-pop phenomenon but also due to its authentic taste.

At Pelicana Chicken, a Korean-style franchise, customers can be assured of premium grade food.

According to its director Kelvin Ong, their chickens are obtained from local farms while the burgers are not made from frozen patties.

“We use 100% pure chicken and our supplier is halal-compliant,” he said.

Ong also debunked the misconception that at Pelicana Chicken, the food is pre-cooked.

“We are not a fast food chain.

Ong (in glasses) with some of the celebrities at Pelicana Sibu.

Ong (in glasses) with some of the celebrities at Pelicana Sibu.

“We cook to order so our serving time is between seven to eight minutes for burgers and from 10 to 15 minutes for the other items on the menu,” he said.

Ong said Pelicana began operations in 1982 in South Korea and is considered a pioneer of Korean fried chicken.

It now has over 2,000 stores in South Korea, United States, Malaysia and China.

They have also opened stores in e-Curve, Mutiara Damansara and Atria Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya as well as Sibu.

New stores will open in Kota Kinabalu and Bintulu soon.

Pelicana’s stores in the country have recently added a platter selection to their menu.

The fried chicken comes in five different flavours, namely Original Crunchy, Original Peli, Spring Onion Peli, Charcoal BBQ Peli, and Super Hot Spice Peli.

The restaurant hosted 12 celebrities at an event recently.


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