Government confirms Chevy Bolt EV runs 383km with single charge

Government confirms Chevy Bolt EV runs 383km with single charge

The Ministry of Environment has certified that the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle (EV) has a range of 383.17 kilometers when fully charged.

GM Korea said in a press release, Tuesday, that its affiliate brand Chevrolet’s Bolt EV received the official drive range of 383.17 kilometers from the ministry ahead of the model’s sales in Korea early next year.

“The Bolt EV can nearly travel from Seoul to Busan with a single charge. The model will suggest a new set of standards in the global EV market with its drive range,” GM Korea CEO and President James Kim said.

“Also with its reasonable price, the model will speed up the introduction of EVs in Korea.”

A GM Korea official said the Bolt EV is the world’s first mass-produced EV model with a range of over 350 kilometers. It also features connectivity and infotainment technologies, seamlessly integrating smartphones and other electric devices within the vehicle.

The Bolt EV’s competitiveness has been proven in various awards in the U.S., including car magazine Motor Trend’s “2017 Car of the Year,” the Green Car Journal’s eco-friendly car of this year, and one of the 2017 best 10 cars in Car and Driver magazine.

Developed through a partnership with Korea-based battery supplier LG Chem, the model has been produced in the U.S. since October while the European version is expected to be released early next year.

The official said the model can produce over 200 horsepower with a maximum 36.7 kg.m torque to deliver not only a long range but also a powerful performance.

With the addition of the Bolt EV to a lineup that includes the Bolt extended-range EV and Malibu Hybrid, GM Korea said in a press release that Chevrolet will offer more affordable EV options than any other major car brand in Korea next year.


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