[Graphic News] Over 90% of Koreans own cellphone



Nine of 10 Koreans own a cell phone, a poll showed Wednesday.

According to a survey by Korea Information Society Development Institute, 92.4 percent of respondents, or 9,413 people, replied that they owned a cell phone (including smartphone).

The results also showed that people in their 10s, 20s and 30s had the highest ratio of smartphone ownership.

A total of 91.6 percent of all cell phones owned by teenagers were smartphones, while the ratio was 99.3 percent for people in their 20s and 97.2 percent for people in their 30s.

The elderly has a higher percentage of regular cell phone ownership. About 36.5 percent of people in their 60s use smartphones while only 13.8 percent of people in their 70s and older are smartphone users.




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