Guide for Selecting Right Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning is an important work in our day to day life. May be your home premises, interiors, industries etc, each and every places need to be cleaned properly in order to maintain proper hygiene. Dust and dirt contains numerous bacteria and allergy causing agents which can harm you when coming on contact with your skin. In industries, cleaning of machines is regularly done just to keep the machines in its proper functioning. For this purpose numerous cleaning equipments are brought in use. There are numerous companies that deliver cleaning equipments but Forbes Pro is one among the best. It provides a complete hygienic solution by offering strong and successful brands of cleaning equipments. These cleaning equipments can either be machines, tools or agents. Some of the examples of cleaning machines offered by the company are vacuum cleaners, Scrubbers, Scrubber driers, sweeper, high pressure washers etc. Example of professional cleaning tools are- Mop trolleys, Wringers, Service Cars, Bucket and plastic components, window cleaning, accessories, floor care etc. Some of the agents provided by the company include detergents, surface cleaners, air fresheners, washroom cleaning, carpet care, hand wash dispenser, ware washing etc.

High pressure washer is one of the best cleaning equipment as they have high output power with excellent cleaning efficiency. They create an output temperature of 330°F which is strong enough to dissolve the grease. High pressure washer is used for cleaning machine, equipments and vehicles, as well as removing grease and chemicals from industrial floors and other surfaces. It is recommended that pressure level of 2000-3000 psi is ideal for high pressure washer. It is recommended that for car cleaning, high pressure washer with 1400 psi pressure is sufficient. Another advantage of high pressure washer is that with the use of sandblast technology you can remove rust from machines. Remember that while choosing washer it should have long tube for comfortable handling. But it has some limitations also. You cannot use these kind of washers on soft and delicate surface like paper, cloth, plastic etc, because its increased pressure can damage those surfaces.

Forbes pro offers high pressure washer in 3 varieties. They include the following features:
€ Available in compact cold and hot water pressure cleaner
€ Easy to use and handle
€ Automatic start and stop mechanism
€ Pressure regulation mechanism
€ Compact and powerful
€ Available with detergent injector
€ Ideal for hospitality, manufacturing and commercial sector
€ Pressure activated unloader with removable detergent tank
€ Flame and exhaust gas sensor

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