Hera launches Rouge Holic lipstick types

Hera launches Rouge Holic lipstick types

South Korea’s leading cosmetic brand Hera launched two new lipstick types as part of its popular Rouge Holic lipstick series.

The new Rouge Holic glow-type lipsticks come in 10 colors and boast a glossy and smooth texture that helps bring out each color on the lips. The product coats the lips to lock in moisture, in order to prevent dried lips.

The new Rouge Holic silk-type lipsticks are available in four colors and boast a thin, light texture. The new silk-type lipsticks have minimized the use of wax and instead used large amounts of powder to create a lighter feeling.

The silk lipsticks use light silicon oil that allows smoother application and also locks in moisture, also to prevent the lips from drying.

Both lipsticks, sized at 3 grams, are priced at 35,000 won ($30). The main color of the glow-type lipstick is the No. 117 muse pink, while the silk-type’s flagship color is the No. 145 on-air pink.


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