High Quality Agricultural Equipments at Much Lower Prices

Agrex Spa is a global name when it comes to high quality agricultural machinery of different varieties. This company has been in the industry for almost half a century and they have combined efficiency with years of experience to manufacture for their customers high quality products. They aim at bettering the standard of the machines produced by investing in the highest technology. All the products are manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of the future.
They also understand that trained personnel are very important in raising the standards of the products. Hence they also invest in human resources. They try to give to the customers the best of amenities at reasonable prices.They produce a wide range of products including grinders, mixers, ©pandeurs d’engrais, grain dryers and so on. The grain dryers are available in the mobile variety and the normal variety. The mobile one is easy to transport and they give services on the customers as per their requirement. As soon as the customers give a call to the customer service desk, the experts try to reach the destination in a short period of time.
Their universal mill
s is another useful line that has the production capacity of about 50 to 5000 kg’s hour. They are perfect for farms of small and medium sizes. The tractor drive makes production of medium sized grain very simple. The epandeurs a sel are versatile and flexible and they are suitable for spreading salt, sand and fertilizers. The machines are designed for easy transport and they can be de-assembled into smaller parts and can be shipped in minimal storage spaces. The machines are also instrumental in substantial energy savings.

The machines are all tested for quality before they are dispatched to the customers. Highly trained technicians take part in the testing process and they check for full functionality of the machine. The material that they use for their products are bought from reliable suppliers. Agrex also provides extensive after sales service so that the customers face no difficulties at any stage whatsoever.

Agrex Spa also aims at making the delivery process as swift and fast as possible. Their logistics department delivers all over the world at minimum time. They also take care of the packaging of the products. They machines are disassembled and are packed in secured containers so that they do not suffer and bruises during loading, unloading or the transportation process. The technicians provide detailed instruction to the customers regarding the use and maintenance of the machines so that the customers do not have to face any worries.


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