Home Furnishings and Home Textiles: A Brief Overview

In the context of Indian economy viz-a-viz industrial production, over one fifth is accounted for the textile industry segment. From the GDP point of view, it holds special relevance as it provides employment to over 15 million people. Home furnishing items are an integral part of Indian textile industry. Indian made home furnishing items have a history of doing good in US, EU and many middle east countries. The best selling home furnishing items in India and abroad are rugs, durries, carpets, bedspreads, furnishing fabrics, curtains, linen, kitchen accessories, made-ups, placemats, cushion covers, table covers, bed spreads and bath linen.
Home furnishing is one aspect of home making which remains close to most of the home owners.There are many different styles and patterns which interior decorators suggest for giving one’s home a unique and distinct look. The most sought after interior decoration patterns used are oriental, victorian, tradional, mediteraan and modern. Each design has its own set of features and is used in accordance with the taste & style of the owner.

The Indian market is huge and offers a comprehensive range of solution for all the segments across the globe. This includes from floor coverings, kitchen linen, curtains, bath linen to cushion covers, bed spreads etc. Earlier the Indian based home furnishing items suppliers used to resort to tradtional designs but are now freely mixing the western styles as well.Another, new trend which is catching up in the this industry is the use of eco friendly home furnishing items. Many buyers lay emphasis on those home furnishing items which support our eco system in order to do their bit towards the planet.

Slowly and gradually the Indian home furnishing market players are realising the importance of adhering to international quality standards to become more competitive. It is for this reason, they are trying to use state of art technologies and advanced machines to produce stuff which is qualitatively superior to their competitors.
As of now, Indian sellers are facing stiff competition from Chinese manufactures. Worldwide the threat of Chinese manufactures has been felt, which is why more emphasis is now being given to fair trade practises which doesn’t favour/affect a single country in particular. Experts insist that the Indian suppliers will go places and even acquire the numero uno status globally.

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