Home Gardening time Approaches


When spring comes around, everything seems to come to life. It is the perfect time for people to start gardening. If they are looking to save money on the supplies they need, then they will likely come into your dollar store. Now is definitely the time to carry wholesale dollar merchandise that will help them out in the garden.
No one can grow anything without the appropriate seeds. Offer a variety of seeds for your customers to plant such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
Do not forget that plants cannot grow without being provided with essential nutrients. There should be plenty of options for plant food on your shelves. A garden hose will also be necessary to provide them with water. However, a hose is not always necessary, especially when dealing with more delicate seedlings. Your customers will likely need a spray bottle to handle this task.
Wholesale dollar merchandise like plastic food containers are usually used for storing food. Gardeners will also find these containers useful too though for tasks other than food storage. They can use the plastic contains to store food, soil, and seeds.
While you are looking into wholesale products for your gardening customers, make sure that you buy hand tools like spades, trowels, and pruning shears. So they can keep everything in a convenient place, a tool organizer will come in handy too. Gloves are also important when working in the gardening to keep your hands clean as well as avoid getting injured when working with sharp tools.
Gardening is a great hobby to take up with children. Not only will it allow customers to spend time with their kids, but it also is a good way to teach them about science in a hands-on manner. Your selection of wholesale dollar merchandise should also include gardening tools made specifically for kids.
Another thing your customers will need as home gardening time approaches is a cheap garden apron. That is if they want to protect their clothes while working with so much dirt.
Finally, no one wants pests to become a problem for their garden. Epsom salt should be on the shelves since it is useful for keeping many garden pests at bay. Sheets, blankets and plastic covers will also be handy when the temperatures drop since it will help gardeners protect their delicate plants from frost.
Gardeners need access to many different types of products. Have all of the wholesale dollar merchandise they need as home gardening time approaches.

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