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What are the three necessities of life..Home, Food and clothing. The most important is home. People often say ‘home is where the heart is’. Well, they say it for a reason. The urban life has become very congested. Everyone are moving at a fast pace. A person goes for work, spends the whole day in a dynamic environment and at the end of the day wants to come back home. Home is the only place of rest for an individual. Therefore it is very important that the interiors of the home are carefully designed. Having the right interiors will provide tranquillity to the mind. Interior includes filling up spaces and their furnishings.

That’s when home textiles play an important role. Textiles are mainly used in three industries which are home furnishing, apparel and industrial use. Home textiles can be defined as non-apparel, textile end-products having non industrial utilities and which are mainly to decorate the home. Although they are categorized as home textiles, their usage is not restricted to homes but to commercial premises as hotels, hospitals, institutes and offices.
Home furnishing includes bedspreads and covers, quilts, rugs, pillow covers, carpets/mattresses, towels, carpets, curtains, table cloth, napkins, sofa or chair covers. These products can be classified into broader categories such as bed, bath, kitchen, upholstery, curtains and carpets. There are many home textile wholesalers in India that provide solutions to a perfect home.

Home Textile wholesalers in India deal in a variety of home linen which adds harmony in the house. Few of the products they deal with are as follows:

Living room textiles: These fabrics are used to cushion and cover furniture. There can be fixed upholstery or loose covers. Fixed upholstery is fastened or glued to the furniture. Mostly acrylic fabric and velvets are used due to their excellent brightness and appearance.

Window textiles: These mainly consist of curtains, drapes and blinds. This is probably the widest area of fabric development in home textiles. Mostly cotton, flax, wool, silk and acrylic are used for the purpose. Some blinds allow transmission of a little light into the room whereas the others usually made of cotton fabric, known as black out material, give 100 percent opacity.
Bed textiles: Bed textiles include bed sheets and pillow cases, bed spreads, quilt covers, duvet covers, cushions, blankets, mattresses, Bed throws, sofa throws and many other items. For bed sheets, bedspreads and similar items, acrylic, viscose, silk and blends are used. For quilted textiles, mainly PET fibre is used. For blankets wool, acrylic fibre and acrylic polyester fibre blends are used extensively.

Bathroom textiles: Bath towels are also a basic necessity. It is the second largest category in the home textile product basket in India. The growth in this category has a linear relationship with the growth in population. Bathroom textiles include shower curtains, bath robes, bath mats, bath rugs, towels etc. Shower Curtains need to be water proof and so plastic coated textiles either of woven or non-woven fabrics are in great demand.

Table textiles: Table linen includes table mats, napkins, placemats, chair covers, chair mats and pads, table runners, coasters. For table cloths, cotton, linen, polyester are extensively used. Jute, leather, bamboo, plastic, silk and satin is also used widely for other items like placemats, chair mats and table runners.
Kitchen textiles: Kitchen linen includes aprons, mittens, dishcloths and kitchen towels. Cotton, leather and plastic are used for making kitchen wear aprons.

After cotton yarn, home textile is the second most important category where India has better competitive advantages over other countries. There is a rapid growth of home textile wholesalers in India.


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