How to Save Fuel in This Fast World?

In this modern world, the world running so faster, so we will balance the fast as our routine life. Se we need vehicle to travel one place to another on that period what are all the future needs things we will spoiling. For example let take a one good employee his plan is reach his office sharp at morning 10 o clock.

So he had so many restrictions between sources to destination. First he struck on traffic on that time he don’t have a time to off his vehicle and after the traffic realise on that the engine is on so on that period fuel is wasted unwantedly this kind of activities we will see below as briefly.
Fuel consist of several types they are petrol, diesel, gas, kerosene etc. but now we are most using thing is petrol and diesel petrol will use both two wheeler and diesel also use both two wheeler and four wheeler. The petrol is faster then diesel comparing to speediness and attractiveness petrol have extra power to pick the vehicle as fast comparing to petrol diesel is slow.
The petrol is high evaporation power the diesel and kerosene. Fuel is one of the most important think in our life without fuel the world cannot run it’s like comma stage. I can’t imagine.
Generating fuel
In past 100 years ago the decomposition stage of animals, human bodies, trees, woods and etc. these king of things will used to generate the fuel the trees and woods are created as a coal and the decomposition stage on the human body and animals it will provide like a some kind of fuel. In during the Dubai, Arabia, and few oceans are the high fuel level content area.
On that area only provide the fuel coal in all over the world. On ocean they are so many villages are destroyed under the sea so our people research that where the past people will leave and find that and easy take what all the fuel related are taken by them generate the fuel and it useful to people.
Wastage of fuel
Now a day the younger don’t know how fuel is more important they are using the vehicle as rash driving it will lose more fuel. I have strategies normally all the vehicle made normal deriving it as nearly 65 to 75kmph to travel then only we will save fuel. But the people wasted the fuel very much just imagine without vehicle how the world will be run.
If you people are always wasting the fuel like this in future we don’t have a fuel on that time we all are goes to the past 300 years back. On that time if the people want to travel one place to another means they use animals and cycle there is no possible the young generation use cycle to travel one place to another. So save fuel and have a happy future.
In upper part i tell about what all the stages the fuel will generate are and how the people will wastage. So all have rights to save fuel and save our country all the citizens have to save the fuel then only we have a fuel in future. What I am telling about is save fuel for your children’s future and save our country thank you.


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