Hyundai Rotem develops high-speed transfer system for steel press

Hyundai Rotem develops high-speed transfer system for steel press

Hyundai Rotem, a plant equipment manufacturing affiliate of Hyundai Motor Group, said Wednesday it has successfully developed its own high-speed panel transfer system for use in tandem press lines.

The system was unveiled to the public for the first time Tuesday during a presentation ceremony in Busan.

A tandem press line is a machine that combines several press machines used for cutting and bending steel plates. Hyundai’s new system feeds panels into the tandem press 20 percent faster than those offered by competitors.

The company said it began developing its own system in 2011 in a move to reduce its reliance on imported equipment. Its self-developed system is expected to save the firm some 120 billion won ($102 million) annually, according to Hyundai Rotem.

The high-speed system can feed steel panels at 18 strokes per minute, compared to a rate of 15 strokes per minute currently achieved among systems developed by its global competitors, significantly driving up production efficiency, the firm said.

The crossbar used to secure the panel during the transfer process has been shortened in length and widened in movement scope to increase the equipment’s functional precision, said Hyundai Rotem. The vibration levels have also been reduced to secure heightened safety.

“Hyundai Rotem is working to develop a high-speed transfer system not only for tandem press, but also module press lines,” said a company official. “As a recognized press supplier, we will continue to target the global press market valued at some 5 trillion won.”


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