Hyundai to boost invesment in future mobility projects

Hyundai to boost invesment in future mobility projects

Hyundai Motor Group vice chairman Chung Eui-sun hinted Wednesday that the carmaker will proactively invest more in future car projects, adding that the company will extend the role and domain of a car in its bid to  create “mobility freedom’’ for people.

He made the brief remarks via a video clip aired during the presentation on Hyundai Motor’s lineup of Ioniq, the automaker’s dedicated green car platform. The event was made on the opening day of the 2016 Geneva International Auto Show.

It is rare for Chung, who is in charge of the growth strategy of Hyundai Motor, to mention the firm’s future mobility vision.

The group’s heir apparent has been more proactively engaged in projects for the Korean automaker’s future direction over the past year and appears more willing to expose himself to the media spotlight.

Chung took the stage to unveil the group’s recently launched independent premium brand, Genesis, at the Detroit Motor Show last month.

This month, he presented the vision for Hyundai’s green cars and future mobility in the first major auto show in Europe, held in Switzerland.

Hyundai Motor will bolster sales of green cars in Europe this year, where demand for eco-friendly vehicles are growing at a fast pace.

Thomas Schmid, a vice president of Hyundai Motor’s unit in Europe, said the company will launch two Ioniq models — the hybrid and electric vehicle versions — in Europe in the third quarter, followed by the launch of its plug-in hybrid electric version during the first half of next year.


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