Improved Home Security With Proper Lighting

There’s not much out there that the right lighting can’t improve. Whether it’s your living room, a photograph, or the safety of your house, adding the right lights makes things instantly better. And while it might sound a little counterproductive to be focusing on things like lighting when it comes to keeping robbers from successfully breaking and entering, the truth is that the right sort of lighting can dissuade would-be cat burglars from even trying in the first place. And since the best form of home security is full-on prevention, it’s definitely worthwhile to add lighting to your arsenal of low-budget tricks for protecting a home or an apartment.

Before you start to figure out the outdoor lighting, the most important thing to do is to realize how important of a role interior lighting plays in keeping robbers away. Since most burglars operate during hours where they assume a house is empty, being able to make it seem as though your house is occupied–even when it’s not–is an incredibly effective way towards staving off robberies. So if you’re heading out for the day, don’t turn all of your lights out. This is a sure sign that there’s no one home, and a welcoming beacon to anyone who has been casing your home. Instead, leave certain lights on without going overboard. After all, if you have the entire house lit up, that’s a beacon that you aren’t home, too.


The best way to combine interior lighting and home security isn’t just by turning on and off different lights depending on the day. It’s actually to go ahead and invest in some sort of lighting timer. If you have a home alarm system, you might want to look into whether or not it is possible to combine your existing alarm with some sort of lighting timer. The timer serves an incredibly useful purpose, since it makes it possible to not have to worry about remembering to turn on or turn off lights. This way, you’ll always have a house that looks occupied.

But another crucial component of home security is exterior lighting, and that also involves making sure that the area around your home or apartment is well-lit, too. If you have a driveway, make sure that lights are on at the end of the driveway as well as close to the house. Always take care to make sure that outdoor lights are turned off during daylight hours, though, because leaving them on non-stop is also an incredibly obvious signal to burglars that you are out of town and thus it is a better time to strike on your house. Again, investing in a timer makes it a lot easier to keep track of when lights are off and when lights are on.

Be sure that in addition to having a bright porch light and ample lighting around the driveway, that you invest in motion-sensing outdoor lights. This way, you can save the cost of having high-wattage lights on all of the time, but rest assured that there’s something there that provides the crucial element of surprise that actually manages to scare burglars off immediately.

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