Independence Hall wins presidential accolade

Independence Hall wins presidential accolade

The Independence Hall of Korea has received a presidential accolade for its contribution to promoting patriotism and national symbols.

“This prize recognizes the museum’s diverse programs using national symbols and its contribution to attracting interest in national symbols and promoting the understanding of national symbols,” the museum said in a press release.

The state-run museum, which pays tribute to Korea’s independence fighters struggle for independence from Japan, has run a variety of public outreach and education programs, using the national flag and national flowers on anniversaries that commemorate the country’s independence movement.

More than 65,000 visitors participated in the museum’s programs such as a photo contest for pictures of national symbols, essay and art contests for children, and educational programs that provide understanding of Korean history, the museum said.

The museum’s outdoor decorations using Korean flags received wide attention when the nation celebrated the 70th anniversary of independence from Japan in August.

The museum was established in 1987 to commemorate Korean independence fighters who fought in the early 1900s. It is headed by Yun Ju-keyng, a granddaughter of Yun Bong-gil, one of Korea’s most respected independence fighters.


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