Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial cleaning equipment can help you clean public buildings, schools and office spaces quicker and more efficiently.

Industrial cleaning equipment can make the back-breaking work of janitorial and clean-up task a lot easier. There are several floor cleaning equipment and industrial cleaning machines to choose from in order to help you do your job.

Floor buffers are designed to protect and clean marble, wood and linoleum floors by gently dislodging soil and leaving behind a high polished finish on the floor surface. There are a few things that should be considered when choosing a floor buffer for commercial use.

Industrial or commercial buffers are big and will cover a large area of the floor with each pass it makes. Some janitorial equipment models also serve as a floor stripper, by increasing the speed and the pressure of the rotary brushes. These kind of commercial floor buffers are extremely expensive, but are necessary when it comes to maintaining floors in commercial or public buildings.

Floor scrubbers are commonly used along with a cleaning agent. The liquid cleaning agent is sprayed on the floor just before the buffer is run over the section. The liquid cleaning agent helps to loosen grime and dirt from the floor surface, making the area clean and glossy.

Tile flooring can be extremely elegant, but the grout on the tiles can be difficult to clean. Water, grime and dirt stains can attach to grout remarkably easily. There are many different type of grout cleaning equipment that can be highly effective in cleaning out the grout. Detail grout brushes, hot water extractors and a technique known as water-free grout cleaning are all examples of grout cleaning.

The most common pieces of grout cleaning equipment are hot water extractors. This equipment is often used to clean carpets, but they can also clean tile floors and grout. This is done by using the ability of the hot water extractor to produce up to 1,200 psi. The hot water is directed at the dust, grime and dirt that is embedded in the grout, and is highly effective as a cleaning agent.
The detail grout brush is another common piece of floor scrubber and grout cleaner. The brushes have strong, short, V-shaped bristles that are able to get between tight spaces and scrub the dirt on the grout. A motorized industrial grout brush is ideal for large surface such as shower walls or other similar tile with grout.

An auto scrubber is an industrial type of equipment used to clean floors in industrial environments, business, shops, and large buildings. The motorized devices are built with a reservoir to hold cleaning agents, one or two brushes beneath the equipment, and wheels to let me move freely. In buildings with large areas of floor space, such as warehouses, schools, showrooms and stores, these scrubbers are used to keep high traffic floor areas clean and polished.

Choosing the right industrial cleaning tool for the right job, can be the difference between a sore back and a job well done.

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