Industrial Lubricants Manufacturers and Supplier

Industrial Lubricants Manufacturers & Supplier:-
It is very essential for industries to keep their machines in excellent running condition so that the productivity is not hampered with especially on account of their malfunctioning. Depending upon the type and use of machines, you need to choose a lubricant accordingly. Industrial lubricants include a range of products such as oils, greases and industrial fluids.

Industrial lubricants as the name suggests are used to reduce the friction and also the wear and tear of materials. By opting for suitable lubricants, the industrial machines face less corrosion on both the surfaces of the machines. The use of industrial lubricants depends greatly upon the type of industrial machines, the process and the type and quality of raw materials used.


Ideally, industrial lubricants are used in transformers, capacitors, gear drives, stationary natural gas engine, spindles axles and many other industry specific parts and machinery. In fact with the growing diversity and complexity of machines, you will find hydraulic oils, pneumatic tool oils, spindle oils, steam cylinder oils, sugar mill bearing oils available as well.

With reference to sugar mills bearing oils which are ideally used to lubricate heavily loaded Cane Crushing Mill Roll Bearings which are available in three grades viz. 85, 175 & 260. These oils function equally well in the presence of sugarcane juice for they are fortified with compounding agents and are made from high viscosity lubricating oil stock base. These oils are equally resistant to corrosion and wear along with leakages within the machine.
Industrial Gear oils containing sulphur and phosphorus additives are recommended for gear drives and worm gear units which operate at fast speeds and heavy loads. You will find these industrial gear oils capable of withstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear conditions.

On the other hand, general purpose machinery oils available are manufactured using high viscosity index mineral oils with anti rust additives which protect the machinery from corrosion and rust when the machinery is not in use. Most of these oils are suitable for machines which are operated on less than regular basis.

For high performance reciprocating and rotary air compressors where air discharge temperatures may go up to 220°C, compressor oils are available which are specially formulated to perform under such high temperatures. They do not form much carbon while have a good demulsibility property.

It is a good decision to opt for a trusted and branded industrial lubricant for your industrial machine has to stay in top condition and perform well so that your industrial output is in maintained. Do make sure you select the most suitable industrial lubricant without compromising on quality and cost for a slight flaw in the industrial lubricant could cause your machine to falter leading to additional expenses and break in the production process.

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