It’s all about Korea Paper Manufacturer's Association

KPMA was established in 1952 with a plan and aim a robust improvement of pulp and paper commercial enterprises in Korea. Presently it speaks to Korean pulp and paper commercial enterprises with 22 normal and 26 partner part organizations.

The level of innovation and offices of Korean paper industry is one of the most astounding in the world. Korea has developed into the worldwide main 8 paper producer sending out its item to 150 nations and locale including US, Japan, Australia, China, EU and Asia

Korea’s paper industry could attain such a noteworthy result because of the advancement of top-class wastepaper reusing engineering, safeguarding of incredible innovation, fantastic item and endeavors for expense diminished, and so forth.

Presently, Korean pulp and paper businesses concentrate on safeguarding clean environment, securing mechanical intensity in the worldwide competition.

Paper is a standout amongst the most ecological amicable necessities that has been protecting the human society, and it additionally is a natural industry fit for reusing.

In light of common trust and collaboration among the part organizations, KMPA will push its hard and fast exertions not just to advertise robust advancement of paper industry additionally to produce a clean environment and a excellent paper society of human later on.

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