Job Evaluation conducted by Daesung Energy on Employees at Safety Supply Offices


Daesung Energy (President: Kang Suk-ki) conducted job assessment on workers at its security supply work places for 5 days between September 9 and 13 to evaluate their occupation aptitude levels and capacity to manage crisis circumstances. The job assessment was led at training and testing offices in its limb found in Seo-gu, Daegu.

Through the job assessment, the organization completely analyzed occupation capacities of representatives at its security supply work places, for example, understanding of gas weight controller’s structure and update abilities, capacity to take protected and fast crisis activities if there should arise an occurrence of damages on pipes, awareness to correct areas of valves and gas weight controllers in significant regions, and capacity to control and manage circumstances (situational simulation exercise).

Furthermore, the organization randomly chose 2 representatives each from each branches, and also  evaluated even  detailed technical abilities, such as skills in using equipment’s and extent of following safety rules.

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