Kia Motors' K7 sales top 25,000 units

Kia Motors' K7 sales top 25,000 units

Kia Motors’s all-new K7 sedan has been receiving quite a strong market response with its cumulative sales exceeding 25,000 units since its debut earlier this year, industry data showed Monday.

Since its debut in mid-January, the cumulative contrasts, including preorders for the second-generation K7, came to over 25,000 units as of Friday, according to the data. At this pace, the figure is expected to reach around 28,000 units by end-March.

The K7 emerged as the best-selling model for Kia Motors for the first time last month with the monthly sales of its new and old models combined totaling 6,046 units.

Equipped with its own front-wheel eight-speed transmission for the first time, the latest version of the K7 boasts “better” fuel efficiency, and a “smooth” and “dynamic” driving experience compared with the previous model that hit the market seven years ago.

The K7 comes in four different types of power trains, including 2.4-liter and 3.3-liter gasoline and 2.2-liter diesel models. It also plans to launch a hybrid model during the second half.

Of the customers who got their new cars delivered up until last Tuesday, those in their 40s accounted for 34 percent, the largest proportion of all, followed by those in their 30s and 50s with 26 percent and 24 percent, respectively, the data showed.

Those in their 40s and 50s, its main customer age group, represented 58 percent, which was slightly higher than the 52 percent reported for its first-generation model.

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