Know Something More About Your Gemstones

In astrology, Gemstones are taken as a mystical stones associated with some extra ordinary powers which can save the wearer from bad effects caused by planets or birth stars. It is also believed that Gemstones works in a helpful way for wearer only when it is worn in correct finger on correct day with citation of correct mantra otherwise result can be bad on wearer. So, below I am going to explain necessary points and mantra which must be cited before wearing such gemstone. Firstly let me explain important points of some quick effective gemstones, they are:
1. Ceylonese Gomed: It is birthstone of malefic planet Rahu and comes in cow’s urine colour. It is known by different names as Rahu-ratna, Rahu’s gem, Pita Rakta Mani, Tamo-mani etc. Its chemical composition is [Ca3AI2 (Si04)3] calcium aluminum and silicate. It is found in countries like Sri Lanka, Canada, Brazil, East Africa, and Madagascar. Ceylonese Gomed should be worn on Saturday at time of sun set in middle finger of right hand. At time of wearing it, the following mantra must be cited 18 times:
€Aum ram ravahe namah€
2. Cats eye: it is also known by name Lehsunia, Ketu-ratna, Sutra Mani, Vaiduria etc. It is the birth stone of Ketu; the malefic planet. Its chemical formula is beryllium oxide (BeO Al2 O3); mixture of aluminum, beryllium and some traces of oxide of iron and chromium. Its colour varies from greenish yellow, brown, brownish yellow, brownish green. It is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, China, Russia and Tanzania. Cats eye gemstone should be worn in the middle or little finger of the right hand on Thursday, Wednesday or Friday after two hours of sunset. A

3. Blue Sapphire: it is also known by the name of neelam, Saturn’s gem, Neela-mani, Sani Ratna, blue jewel, Indra- neelam, royal blue gem. It is birthstone of Saturn Planet. Its chemical composition is AL2O3 + Fe. It is found in countries Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, India, Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, and USA especially in Yogo Gulch. Blue Sapphire should be worn in middle finger of right hand on Saturday at the time of sunset. At time of wearing blue sapphire, following mantra must be cited 23 times:
€Aum sham shanaiascharaya namah€
Blue sapphire gemstone is believed as one of the most effective gemstone so astrologers recommend its trial on wearer before wearing it. It is said that before wearing it , it should be kept inside the pillow of wearer, if he gets good dream that night it’s taken as suitable on wearer otherwise it should not be worn at all.
All the above gemstones are taken as very responsive gemstones in astrology and it is believed that by citing their respective mantra at time of wearing such, it gets its real mystical power and so helps the wearer by making luck and time in his favour. Now world is yours, choose your gemstone according to your birth chart and wear it to enjoy good time.

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