Korea bamboo salt health benefits and why we should use it !

Korea bamboo salt health benefits and why we should use it !

Korea bamboo salt


Bamboo Salt Korea

Developed by the Korean doctors and monks Korean bamboo salt is a folk medication for different types illness.These bamboo salts are made by putting rock salt or sea salt in small cases made from bamboo trucks with three years of growth. The salt is roasted nine times ,due to which the salt gains its higher medical effectiveness. Some of the health benefits of this bamboo salt are:-

An absolute package of mineral and vitamins

Scientific researchers have confirmed that the Korean bamboo salt has more than 60 vital mineral along with components such as calcium ,iron magnesium and zinc .The consumption of this salt provides a complete dose of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body .

Antiseptic properties

The salt is known to kill the disease and infection causing bacteria .It suppresses fungal infection and the growth of virus in the host’s body .

Combat digestion

Unlike other food items Korea bamboo salt is alkaline with a pH of 10 because of its high sulfur content, that promote proper digestion and curbs acidity .Patients with gastric plight are recommended the consumption of this bamboo salt .


The bamboo salt promote reduction reaction in the body, that prevents soreness and inflammation .Also, reduces the proliferation of the cells in the body that consequently slows down the aging of the body cells.
Helps to regulate blood sugar levels
The Korean bamboo salt improves the glucose forbearance of the system by stimulating the pancreatic juices that helps the patients with hypertension and hypotension .

Helps to clear blockage in blood vessels

Cardiologists have proved that the Korean bamboo salt works efficiently to reduce the impasse and blockage in the blood vessels and diminish the chances of a stroke.

Anti cancerous properties

Due to the high methanol extracts anti mutagenic and anti clestrogenic effects are generated in the body which consequently suppresses the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Natural Dental treatment

Due to its alkaline ph level, the Korean bamboo salt prevents the sugar acids to damage the teeth .It also removes the stagnant plaque and prevents the chances of gingivitis.

Arthritis treatment

The high content of magnesium in the salt helps to reduce the chances of arthritis .Regular consumption of this salt can help the patient with this disease by many folds.

Developed almost 1000 years ago the Korean bamboo salt has gained immense recognition and popularity now days due to its gigantic number of health benefits. From the treatment of diseases as colossal as cancer or as small as a sore throat Korean bamboo salt can treat them all. Not only in the medical field , this salt has made a place in the cosmetic range as well from shampoos to face scrubs this salt has proven to boost the youthful blush in the skin as well as works efficiently in the treatment of acne and pimples . This natural and versatile product has out casted many chemical based medication and beauty products. Due to these properties the Korean bamboo salt is preferred by a large number of customers all around the world.