Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC)

The Future of Electric Power Industry – It’s KEPIC! Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC) is a set of Codes and Standards willfully created by the electric force commercial ventures under the government wide backing to build household specialized principles for the electric power facilities like nuclear electricity transmission, fossil power, transformation and distribution.

It incorporates different necessities, for example, outline, producing, establishment, test, examination, operation, and upkeep as per the residential circumstances to secure security and dependability of electric power offices.

Reexamined version of KEPIC is distributed on five-year interim and supplements yearly since the introductory release of 1995. The affirmation 2005-version, which is the most recent, has six classes of value confirmation, mechanical, electrical, structural, nuclear energy and fire protection, spanning to 24,000 pages with 83 volumes altogether.

Grounded on the government backings, KEPIC is creating on three-stage audit & approbation of Steering Committee, Technical Committee, and Subcommittees where roughly 300 specialists from the business the scholarly world examination take part.

Likewise, by actualizing the commercial ventures to agree to the KEPIC through similarity appraisal framework, it helps the quality and well being upgrade in the electric power offices, particularly nuclear power plants.

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