Korea resumes kimchi export to China

Korea resumes kimchi export to China

Korea has resumed exporting kimchi to mainland China after five years, South Korea’s Agriculture Ministry said Thursday.

The first 890-kilogram batch of “Jongga” kimchi, a kimchi brand of Daesang FNF, left Korean waters on Dec. 6 and passed the Chinese customs on Dec. 18, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Upon obtaining the sanitary certificate, the Korean-made kimchi is now on sale at eight branches of Lotte Mart in China. The Korean-made kimchi is packaged in small bundles, with 80 grams of kimchi per serving. Its all-Korean premium brand Jongga kimchi is priced up to 2.5 times higher than the Chinese-made kimchi.

In 2010, China strengthened inspection requirements for the food, ministry and the authorities refused to classify kimchi as fermented food — with the requirement that 100 grams of imported kimchi should have less than 30 colon bacteria.

In addition to Daesang FNF, other Korean kimchi-makers are gearing to kick off exports as early as January, the Agriculture Ministry said.


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