Korea Sports Promotion Foundation

Korea Sports Promotion Foundation has raised national games limited time stores from cycling, speedboat hustling, Sport TOTO and helped them to the upgrade of life gauges through the games and work out schedules. The establishment is completely dedicated to its social obligations as an open organization.

Since its establishment in the year 1989, it had contributed around 5.3 trillion Won till 2013 in advertising and supporting Korea’s world class sports , recreational games, school games, and the games business, helping the production of cutting edge sport base and improvement of the games business.

We are particularly devoted to the framework development undertakings, for example, the stronghold of the National Sports Centers for expansive based games exercises, grass & urethane flooring establishment ventures in school play areas for the charming and safe brandishing exercises of kids, and games complex offices in rural & angling towns. Separated from these tasks, we additionally give benefits projects to national players, games research and low-investment advances for office administration suppliers.

For the day when an environment is made where games might be in anyplace whenever, And for the day when all the Koreans get to be healthier and more happy.

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