Korea tops in ramen consumption

Korea tops in ramen consumption

South Korea annually consumes the largest amount of instant noodles, or ramen, in the world Agriculture Ministry data revealed Thursday.

According to the ministry report, a South Korean’s intake of ramen averaged at 76 servings per year ― nearly one every five days.

Southeast Asian countries ranked among the highest consumers of ramen. Vietnam, the next largest consumer of ramen, consumes 55.1 packets per capita, followed by Indonesia and Thailand.

The ministry said the market size of instant noodles here stood at 1.9 trillion won ($1.64 billion) in 2014, which accounted for 78.7 percent of the entire noodle market.

Ramen also has been a star item for noodle exporters, making up about $208 million, or about 65.1 percent of all outbound sales of noodle products last year, according to the ministry.


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