Korean Apple Cultivation to Almost Disappear by the End of the Century

Due to climate change, apple cultivation is expected to be limited to certain areas in Gangwon province by the end of the 21st Century.

According to the Rural Development Administration (RDA) on February 26, growing areas for other fruits such as pears, peaches and grapes will also decrease after 2050, while cultivating areas for sweet persimmon and tangerine oranges will be expanded.


The RDA announced such prospects based on its future climate map, which takes into consideration temperature increases due to climate change. Arable land suitable for apple cultivation has rapidly decreased over the past 30 years and consequently, Korea’s most loved fruit will only be able to grow in some mountainous areas of Gangwon province.

The RDA expects average temperatures in Korea to have increased by 5.7 ℃ in 2100.

An official at the RDA said, “Fruit cultivation is very sensitive to climate change. Based on this expectation, we need to foresee the change in cultivating areas for each fruit, and develop related skill to grow suitable crops.”

The RDA is currently testing 11 tropical and subtropical fruits to prepare for climate change.


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