Korean Clothing official open Association website.

This opens the ‘field of communication’ for the Korean clothing affiliation parts. Korean Clothing Association (Chairman Christopher Kim) has been anticipated since the business was coming 26 days trial run site and one day from saedal formally opened.

Garment Association site (www.kamausa.org) has blacklisted Share member establishments attire show plan landing page Job Connections. Downtown Association business known top parts recommended industry news and useful workshops, and so forth. Various movies provides.

If the website is finished a garment association member Register Anyone can get freely all data.

Particularly blacklist to be shared on the site is such a rogue trader and mortar business damaged in the second third of entrepreneurs with data about the feasible reasonable help to its parts in a soul of maryeondwae chronically insolvency.

Christopher Kim is “Principle Account is to share data to its parts in the same class as the Korean Association of apparel business in the computerized age with a since a long time ago anticipated” and “blacklist in light of the fact that they impart, and also the offering of suggestions to the clothing of members Section of correspondence ‘is trust, “said the spirit.

Korean Clothing Association site was to re-open in 2009 with the expectation of servers come down after the current Presidency of neglect.

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