Korean Cosmetics Brands Get A Boost From Tourists


At this point, many people whom have immersed them in Korean culture and lifestyles have surely heard about their booming cosmetic industry. From BB Cream to makeup to skin care and everything from head-to-toe, South Korea has something for everything.

Recently, KpopHerald reported which foreign consumers are dominating in terms of purchase for South Korean cosmetics. The largest group of foreign consumers stems from China having nine out of ten tourists spending nearly $45,000 in cosmetic purchases and VIP packages.

Many of the Chinese tourists that purchase the VIP packages can spend anywhere from $45,000 all the up to $2.7 million in luxury South Korean goods. A study conducted by South Korean Travel organization, Cosmojin Tour, found that 87% of Chinese tourists spend over $45,000 per trip.

A large reason for the many purchases of South Korean cosmetics is not only the quality but also the advertisement. Idols are known to endorse quite the number of cosmetics products. South Korean actors and actresses are also a popular trend among cosmetic ads. The most seen brands tend to be Etude House, Nature Republic, MISSHA, Tony Moly among hundreds more. It was also revealed by the Cosmojin Tour that Chinese tourists also consumer Korean household products as well as health supplements

Back in August 2014, news network CNN listed ‘Innovative Cosmetics’ as of the top 10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else among using credit cards, technology, blind dates, and many others.

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