Korean Excellent Unique products and design Landed at the Osaka International Gift Show Despite the Significant Low Yen

The Korea International Trade Association (Chairman, Han Duck-soo) opened Korean Pavilion at the “Osaka International Gift Show 2014” held in Osaka, Japan, for two days from September, 25, after the Tokyo International Gift show from September, 3 to 5. The “Osaka International Gift Show 2014,” which denoted the 52nd commemoration not long from now, is the main comprehensive show for purchaser products in Kansai area and it has the compelling impact in Japan’s retail advertise.

In this presentation, 24 guaranteeing small and medium exporters of extraordinary items, family items, magnificence items , and so on with a mixture of details and capacities that could fulfill Japanese purchasers, who are known for their pickiness, took part and got a positive feedback from Japanese purchasers from the first day of meeting.

Hyangwon, the manufacturer of eco-accommodating common cleanser placed in Daegu, has participated in the show for 3 successive years and intensively tackled the fastidious Japanese buyers.s. It succeeded in restricting the items and opening an online store on Rakuten, Japan’s biggest B2c site.

Boycott Sung-ja, the CEO of Paragon which is placed in North Gyeongsang region, exhibited the cook’s garment and tablecloth with Korean conventional outline which was inspired by Japanese significant ceremonies of coming age, marriage, funeral and ancestral worship and effectively and attracted the buyers.

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