KPG members work to enhance EMS service

KPG members work to enhance EMS service

The Kahala Posts Group, an alliance of 10 postal services, kicked off its 14th annual meeting in Seoul on Wednesday.

At the meeting, chief executives from Korea, the United States, China, Japan and six other countries discussed ways to improve the quality of EMS, or express mail service, and exchanged ideas to further develop delivery service for electronic commerce, according to the Korea Post.

At the gathering, talks on topping KPG’s 96 percent on-time delivery goal, along with expanding the number of countries that guarantee addressees receive their mail on-time, took center stage.

Transactions among KPG members took up 59 percent of the EMS market in 2015, owing to continued efforts to upgrade service quality. As for Korea, mail sent to KPG countries annually increased 10 percent over the past 10 years, the Korea Post noted.

“This year’s conference will serve as a stepping stone for Korea to diversify the international mail delivery service, and leap forward as a leading express business provider,” said Kim Kee-deok, president of Korea Post.



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