KRC’s global exchange center to open in 2017

KRC’s global exchange center to open in 2017

The Korea Rural Community Corp. vowed to spread Korea’s advanced agricultural technologies to developing countries by establishing a new global education center in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province.

The KRC on Tuesday hosted a groundbreaking ceremony of the Rural Community-International Education Exchange Center, or RC-IEEC, set to open by January 2017.

The center aims particularly at sharing the know-how that Korea has accumulated in developing the rural regions, best exemplified by the historical New Village Movement.

“The international demand for RC-IEEC’s learning programs is expected to keep increasing,” a KRC official said.

According to the state-run agricultural institution, the global exchange center can accommodate up to 300 people in its three-building complex of conference rooms, classrooms, research and development labs and guesthouses.

Among the 400 attendees of the groundbreaking ceremony were high-profile government officials from 18 countries, including the director-general of the African-Asian Rural Development Organization. Ambassadors from 11 nations, including the Philippines, Ethiopia and Myanmar, and high-profile officials of South Korean Agriculture Ministry and the Korea International Cooperation Agency also attended the ceremony.


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