LG Chem expands CSR for elementary students

LG Chem expands CSR for elementary students

LG Chem is expanding its corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign for elementary school students, holding a series of educational programs on energy and chemical sectors.

The world’s top-tier chemical and battery firm said Sunday it invited students from three elementary schools for its “fun chemistry playground” program, as part of its bid to give back to local communities by using its expertise in chemistry, energy and environment, the company said.

Some 1,800 students have so far participated in the program since LG Chem started the CSR activity in December last year.

The program consisted of various experience zones, helping students not just conduct a variety of chemical experiments, but learn personality education.

In the energy zone, LG Chem carried out a solar-powered vehicle experiment by converting solar energy sources into electricity, taking advantage of its expertise as the world’s largest battery manufacturer for electric vehicles (EV).

The company is renowned for its industry-leading battery and energy systems, selling EV batteries and its energy storage system (ESS) to global automakers and electricity firms here and abroad.

To stress the importance of eco-friendly development, the company also held a special event to make soap using natural resources.

LG Chem also ran an education zone where a professional instructor gave lectures on the importance of humanity and embracing cultural differences. Under the program, the students created eco-friendly notebooks for African children, as the zone is aimed at fostering the spirit of sharing with neighbors in the global era, the company said.

Last but not least, the company established a polarized light tunnel at the chemistry zone, in its bid to teach students how its polarizing plate is created. The polarizing plate is the core material for liquid crystal diodes. LG Chem developed the plate in 2000 for the first time in Korea. The firm has since become the world’s largest polarizing plate manufacturer, backed by its technological expertise in such areas as film processing, liquid crystal coating and adhesives.

At the chemistry education section, the company also displayed and explained next-generation batteries for EVs and flexible devices.

“I want to make and drive a solar-powered police patrol car by applying what I learned here, when I become a policeman in the future,” Kim Min-hyuk, a sixth-grade student at Dongbu Elementary School in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province, said after participating in the program.

LG Chem pledged to continue to run the program next year for three other elementary schools, in a bid to become an industry-leading chemical firm that fulfills CSR for young.

Source:http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/tech/2016/11/133_219007.html for young students.

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