LG Electronics unveils purifier, refrigerators

LG Electronics unveils purifier, refrigerators

LG Electronics said Wednesday that it will solidify its grip on the healthcare sector with its PuriCare lineup.

“Purifiers can serve as a bridge to make synergy for development of other devices such as refrigerators,” Jo Seong-jin, president and CEO at LG Electronics’ home appliance and air solution division, said in a press conference at its headquarters in Yeouido, central Seoul.

The company started the purifier business in 2009, as a means of seeking synergy to establish a converged business platform with refrigerators.

“We have used an advanced inverter compressor for this year’s refrigerators and premium purifiers,” said the company chief while introducing the new purifier and refrigerators. “Our ultimate goal is to interconnect air and water solutions with various products. The purifier business is the first step toward building the converged ecosystem in a broader sense.”

This came after LG Electronics launched its PuriCare brand in October including an air purifier, water purifier and a humidifier, in a move to diversify its revenue streams into health-related appliances. The company previously said that it will record more than 1 million annual sales for its PuriCare products from 30 countries, starting from 2018.

At the press conference, the company unveiled its global business strategy, pledging to expand its presence into not just Asia, but also the Middle East and South America.

“We are planning to expand our PuriCare business into Asian countries such as Thailand and India this year,” he said. “We will also conduct test-marketing in South American and Middle Eastern countries this year, and penetrate into them next year.”

The company expressed confidence over the outlook for the Indian market as its next growth areas, saying its PuriCare business has strong brand awareness in the Indian market. LG Electronics sold some 20,000 purifiers in the Indian market last year, and plans to sell more than 70,000 this year. It has already started producing in the Indian market, according to the company.

In particular, its new purifier comes with what it calls “IH technology” ― which refers to an induction heater ― providing users to get purified water with temperatures of 40, 75 and 85 degrees by pressing a button.

Another key feature for the device is its connectivity with its home Internet of Things (IoT) platform “SmartThinQ,” the company said. It added that users will be able to easily manage and check the replacement cycle for filters by using the smart platform.

The company also unveiled its new Dios refrigerator with a built-in water purifier. The new fridge comes with a Bluetooth speaker that enables Wi-Fi access to mobile devices. The refrigerator will be sold here in March with a price tag of 7.5 million won ($6,110).

The company also launched the new Magic Space Refrigerator, which the company says stops up to 50 percent of cold air from leaking each time the device is opened. LG explained that this is made possible through its innovative Door-In-Door space system. The Magic Space Refrigerator is set to be sold in May at a price tag of four million won.

Source : http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/tech/2016/02/133_198267.html

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