LG sets its eyes on ‘ultra-premium’ electronics market

LG sets its eyes on ‘ultra-premium’ electronics market

LAS VEGAS ― Facing ever-fiercer competition in the global home appliance market, LG Electronics is trying to set itself apart by putting a priority on “premium.”

At this year’s International CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas, the Seoul-headquartered electronics firm unveiled a new premium lineup, dubbed the LG Signature, in line with its efforts to appeal to consumers with high-end tastes.

Joining the firm’s press conference on Tuesday, a day before the start of the trade show in the U.S. city, LG Electronics chief technology officer Ahn Seung-kwon took to the stage to introduce the flagship products of the year and their core technologies.

“LG Electronics will focus on growing emerging businesses including car components and the Internet of Things with its technical capabilities and rolling out ‘ultra-premium’ products,” said the CTO at the conference attended by about 1,000 journalists.

He also introduced LG Signature products, including an organic light-emitting diode TV, a twin-tub washing machine, a fridge, and an air purifier.

The LG OLED TV unveiled at the conference boasts an ultra-thin panel just 2.57 mm from front to back, which is slimmer than most smartphones including Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy models, and an all-new operating system, dubbed Web OS 3.0m, which the company said improves user experience with its easy-to-use functions.

The LG Signature product lineup. (LGE)

The LG Signature washer, an upgraded version of the Twin Wash featuring two separable tubs on top and bottom, comes with a new feature, called the Centum System, which bolsters the suspension system to minimize vibrations and noises during laundry cycles and improves durability and energy efficiency.

The Signature fridge received an enthusiastic response from the audience, with its unique technologies, including a small opaque window that turns transparent when users knock on it ― a feature inspired by the firm’s Knock On technology to wake up smartphones.

Boasting filters with a 10-year lifespan and a transparent panel, the air purifier sports the Aqua-Cyclone feature, harnessing the power of water to filter out chemicals and contaminants.

LG Electronics was ranked fourth in the global electronics sector by net revenue last year, with its net-sales estimate standing at $57.2 billion, according to research firm HIS.


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