Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Fitting Components and Brass Electrical Parts

Manufacturer of a Wide Range of Brass Products, Specialist In Brass Knurling Inserts, Sprinkler Irrigation Part, Brass Sanitary Fittings, Brass Screw Bolts Nuts, Brass Bush Pin Rings, Brass Anchors, Brass Electrical Parts, Brass Cable Glands, Brass Hose Fittings, Brass Compression Fittings, Brass Union Fittings, Brass Gas Fittings,
Brass Lamp Parts, PPR Inserts, Brass Pipe Fittings, Brass Split Bolt Connectors, Brass Precision Turned Components, Air Brake Fittings, Transformer Parts, Brass Builders Hardware, Earthing & Lighting Parts.

Manufacturer and supplier of Brass Components to custom specifications, manufactures electrical parts, lock parts, energy meter parts, precision- turned parts, rivets, screw nut and bolts, switch parts, various type of anchors, pins, forged bolts, brass cable glands, brass sanitary parts to precision and international specifications.

We are Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Fittings Components and Brass Eletrical Parts, Brass Fasteners Like Brass Bolts, Brass Anchor, Brass Iserts, Brass Screws, Brass Nuts, Brass Washers.
Brass Fittings Componets Like Brass Forged Gas Fitting, Brass Conduit Fittings, Brass Pipe Fittings, Brass Hose Fittings. Brass Eletrical Parts – Brass Neutral Links, Electrical Switch Parts,PVC Moulding Parts and Conduit, Panel Board Accessories, HRC Fuse Connectors, Brass Socket Pins. Brass Cable Glands – Alco Cable Gland, TRS Cable Gland, Marine Cable Gland, Wiping Cable Gland, CW Type Cable Glands, E1W Industrial Cable Glands, BW Type Cable Glands, A1/A2 Type Cable Glands. and Ceramic Dish Fitting Components and Brass Sanitary Parts.

Changla Industries has maintained quality standards with sustained implementation of quality parameters by conforming to the latest, approved industry specifications. The Company has recently earned the prestigious ISO Certification (BVQI) within a very short time. Changla’s products are made to standard specifications and also precision-crafted to exact customer requirements. Customising to client specifications is the hallmark of Changla’s versatility and adaptability in initiating and welcoming innovative approaches to brass component manufacture.

To this end Changla Industries maintains a sustained and routine inspection and testing regimen that goes a long way towards building product integrity and client trust in the Company’s products.

A medium-sized quality control department with sophisticated equipment for measuring, hardness testing and various other procedures is manned by qualified technicians who adhere to stringent testing of Changla’s products.

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