Most luxurious schoolbag sells for $630

Most parents struggle not to blow out their back-to-school budgets, but for some lucky children, cost is no question.
According to Consumer Research, the priciest school bag is Randoseru backpack, which costs up to 698,000 won ($630). Randoseru is Japan’s traditional schoolchild’s bag made primarily of leather. The simple, boxy backpack is known for its sturdiness and stylish shape.

“Randoseru is particularly popular among the offspring of the rich living in Gangnam,” Baek Jin-joo, the organization’s head researcher told The Korea Times. “There are also other expensive schoolbags we’ve listed ahead of the new term. Some are priced at the same level as the ones for adults.”

Belgian bag brand Kipling took the second spot on the list. Its schoolbags retail from 155,000 ($140) and 318,000 won ($287).

Local fashion houses also joined the league. Beanpole Kids and Hazzys Kids offer backpacks that sell for up to 307,000 ($277) and 138,000 won ($124).

Other pricey items include Fila Kids and New Balance Kids that retail at 153,000 ($138) and 179,000 won ($161), respectively.

Apart from schoolbags, The North Face jackets and Canada Goose padded jackets have been also been popular among Korean children despite high prices.



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