Nepa opens new store in Chamonix, France

South Korean outdoor clothing brand Nepa has opened a new flagship store in Chamonix, France, in a bid to expand its global business.

Nepa has become the first Korean outdoor brand to operate a store at Chamonix, considered as a hub of the world’s winter sports. Here, the company is looking to “develop products fit for local European customers and newly emerge as a global brand.”

Nepa’s new store was established by remodeling Chamonix’s historic pub, Le Chouca ― considered as one of the city’s key landmarks. Spanning three floors, the store features accessories, clothing and children’s products.

The Korean company is planning to further expand its operations into other major European cities, paving new sales routes and promoting its Europe-tailored products across the region.

“Starting with the opening of a new store in Chamonix, we will continue to work to increase our competitive edge and rise up as a global outdoor brand,” said Nepa chief Park Chang-geun.

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