Neutral fashion takes over

Neutral fashion is the “it” buy of the spring season due to the prolonged economic downturn.

According to online fashion store istyle44, sales of neutral clothes were up 43 percent this month, year-on-year.
Sales of black t-shirts and button-up shirts jumped 103 and 34 percent, respectively, during the same period.

Pastel and bright clothes increased 3 and 6 percent, respectively.

“Spring is a time for a fresh outlook and bright colors, but this year is different due to the economic depression,” the company spokeswoman said.

“Neutral colors like black, white and grays are favored, while more intense colors are used when people feel more confident.”

Many factors have affected color trends, including the economy, interest in celebrities, fashion and events.

Whenever the economy weakens, fashion designers and magazines start to boast neutral colors as investment pieces and vice versa.

Industry experts say this trend comes from the desire to create a practical and safe environment that still allows color to pop.


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